Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!

*Sorry for the over usage of the word "amazing." Clearly, I don't know any other adjectives.
**Sorry for the poor pictures, they were taken with my non-smart-phone camera. :)
Yesterday was my husband's birthday, so of course we celebrated with amazing food!! There is this amazing Mexican market close to where my husband works. He goes there for lunch every Friday, and I am always jealous! So of course, I seek every opportunity to join him when I can. They make these tacos that are aMAZing!! He claims they are authentic (he lived with Hispanic people for 2 years), and they are surely the best tacos I have ever eaten.
They cook the steak for like 2 days or something and it has a little pineapple in there for a subtle sweet taste. Then we throw some chopped onion, cilantro, and perfectly ripe avocado's on there. Their homemade cilantro dressing and homemade tortillas are delicious. It is a perfect combination. And it pairs nicely with a crisp Orange Fanta. Heehee. :)

For dinner, we dined at Tucano's, a local Brazilian cuisine. This is one of our favorite places to eat. For me, I love the Brazilian Limeade and the amazing salad bar. My husband drools over the endless skewers of meat they bring to your table, and cut fresh for you. It is delicious!
For the full experience, it takes a good hour or more to eat your meal. It is a really fun place!
What would a birthday be without a birthday cake? Well, a happy one-for my husband :) That's right, he doesn't like cake...or pie...or pretty much 90% of desserts. In the past, I have made my husband a simple Mud Pie or milkshakes for his birthday. But this year, after tasting a new Cheesecake recipe I tried, he requested that. And then he said he wanted to take it to I didn't even get it!! (Actually, he did bring me home a sliver.) But to say that he loved the Cheesecake, is saying something. I recently made it for some friends, and they said "This is the best cheesecake we have ever had." Shucks. I concur. It is amazing. And I will be posting the recipe very soon! Yes, it deserves some anticipated build-up! I'm excited about it! So stay tuned for "Theee Cheesecake."
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