Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miss Sass and her Chocolate Milk

I just wanted to share this cute story. So, I have been doing a lot of "food photography" lately to try and make this blog better!! I didn't realize how much work it was, and sometimes it can be pretty hard, but I have been loving it. I know- weird hobby, right? Oh well :)

Aaaaanyway, so the other day, my independent little 5-year-old daughter went to the kitchen to make herself some chocolate milk. Next thing I know, she says, "Mom, will you take a picture of my chocolate milk? Look, I put it on a pretty blue coaster and everything. See how the light is hitting it?" She had even put a pretty spoon laying beside it, but then her brother took it away to do who knows what. I couldn't help laughing as I took a few pictures of her beautiful chocolate milk. I guess I'm rubbing off on my kids.
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